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Management of Primary WARM AIHA

Some important points:- PRBC transfusion in Primary Warm AIHA is done only if: HB < 5 g/dl or there is life threatening anemia at presentation. Clinical judgment is most critical at a hemoglobin level of 5 to 8 g/dL. At this range of hemoglobin, many patients with AIHA should be transfused unless close observation indicates…

Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinaemia Management – October 2021

Some Salient Points:- Asymptomatic WM cases don’t require emergent treatment and can be followed up. IgM MGUS cases associated with Peripheral Neuropathy (without fitting into WM/IgM MM criteria) require treatment provided other causes of neuropathy has been ruled out by thorough neurological examination and tests and neuropathy is attributable to IgM MGUS reasonably.  The lev­el…

Plasmablastic Lymphoma or Plasmablastic Myeloma ?

A 27 year old male presented with pain in the left scapular region x 1 months. On examination 2 x 2 cm left axillary node was noted. No hepatosplenomegaly and no other palpable peripheral nodes were seen. Relevant Blood parameters were as follows:- HAEMOGLOBIN Normal 13.2 PLATELETS High 452 WBC COUNT High 13.53 Serum Creatinine…

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