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Plasmablastic Lymphoma or Plasmablastic Myeloma ?

A 27 year old male presented with pain in the left scapular region x 1 months. On examination 2 x 2 cm left axillary node was noted. No hepatosplenomegaly and no other palpable peripheral nodes were seen. Relevant Blood parameters were as follows:- HAEMOGLOBIN Normal 13.2 PLATELETS High 452 WBC COUNT High 13.53 Serum Creatinine Read More …

No its Not Candida

A 20-year-old male with newly diagnosed AML (NPM 1 mutated) was started on 3+7 induction. His baseline CT showed a patchy consolidation in the right middle lobe with ground glass opacities along with few ground glass opacities in the right lower lobe. In view of fever spikes (although low grade), he was started on posaconazole Read More …

Tropical Pulmonary Eosinophilia – Case Based Approach (Twitter Post)

Tropical Pulmonary EosinophiliaLook for TPE in patients presenting with Hypereosinophilia.Peripheral eosinophilia, elevated serum IgE and antifilarial antibody detection is crucial for diagnosis along with characteristic radiology on CT thorax. — HemUpdates (@HemUpdates) November 4, 2021 NCCT Thorax shows innumerable tiny nodules of ground glass attenuation scattered throughout both the lungs. Tropical pulmonary eosinophilia is one Read More …

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